Eu Pro Scout


 EuProScout is professional football global leader in the provision of scouting, recruitment, player administration and management solutions.

We enjoyed working with EuProScout association, we have cooperation on other projects realated to football. We would recommend EuProScout as a proactive company that integrated with the rest of the organanizational team with ease.

Armando de la Morena Coach, ATLETICO MADRID (youth)

Established in 2011, the company has become one of football ís most trusted and respected organisations and now serves to approach 70 professional Football Clubs and National Football Associations, the largest technology client network in the game. Working with 75% of Europen Clubs and we have the cooperation of Clubs in the top Leagues of France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain, our philosophy harnesses long-term associations and partnerships with many of the game’s stakeholders. Our Next Generation systems continue to deliver short, medium and long-term solutions for player scouting, recruitment and information management which, with our preferred partners, provides an intelligent framework for a successful blend of subjective scouting assessment, objective data and video analysis. We understand that football is a global industry these days and that there is a need for a trustworthy and professional advice and assistance by clubs all over the world. Sport provides a full range of services in this respect and works with Clubs on talent spotting, scouting, The same service we provide to clubs intending to place their players elsewhere, especially abroad. Agencies and Scouts on the same network to share Contacts and videos. Features dedicated to the Football Transfer Market as Marketplace and the Internal Address Book of fooball professionals